Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Lesson On Selfishness

At 3:30 on Monday morning, January 23, 2012, our family huddled in our basement with two families very dear to us and watched the ABC3340 weather blog as James Spann reported on the tornado tearing through Alabama. I selfishly hoped that it would close Jefferson State the next day because I really didn't feel like going to class that morning. My selfish "wish" became a horrible reality as my brother showed me twitter messages like: "Centerpoint has been hit", "It's destroyed", etc. I drove to school the next day feeling awful that I could have even wished such a thing. No, I didn't want anyone hurt or worse, killed, I just wanted my school to close so I wouldn't have to go to class that day.

As I drove to school the next morning, it was like any other normal morning, until I got over Chalkville Mountain and into Centerpoint. What I saw was destruction. I felt guilty. My heart was heavy as I slowly maneuvered my truck through downed power lines, tree branches and other debris. This is what I saw...

Just last week, buildings lined theses streets. Banks, Gas stations I had filled up at, Restaurants I had eaten at. All demolished.

Entire Neighborhoods... Leveled.

I praise God that more people were not killed. And I pray for the families of the 3 people who's lives were ended so swiftly that morning. I know that God will use this disaster in mighty ways to draw people from all over the state to Himself.

I don't at all think that if I hadn't wished it, that this wouldn't have happened, but the very fact that I could have been so selfish makes me sick. I pray to God that He will work in my heart to eradicate the spirit of selfishness within me. This was one lesson in selfishness I desperately wish I hadn't needed to learn.

Please be in prayer for all the families affected by the tornado.



  1. That was great Christopher. Thank you for posting that. It's always as if the Lord wants to remind us, "Look. These are real people too! Just because your friends are fine doesn't mean the world is fine. These are real families, real dads, real moms, real kids. They had a life too!"

    It's sobering. Jessica

  2. Wonderfully written and powerful Christopher.

  3. Thank you both!
    Bria, how's the house coming?

  4. It's starting to progress quicker. We are installing doors and trim and finishing light fixtures. We just got the flooring in and hopefully will be laying it within two weeks or so.

    The screened in porch is finished except for screen and we're thinking about putting in removable windows. I think dad is going to start laying tile in bathrooms this week. We're getting very excited and anxious!

    1. That's awesome. Hey, please let your dad know if he needs any help, Mike and I are more than willing. Please don't hesitate to ask!