Thursday, December 22, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

Easy Christmas Gift Idea

 For extra credit on one of my construction classes, I was told I could go to the campus wood shop from 10:00 - 1:00 and create anything I wanted. I decided to make some Christmas gifts for friends and family.

                                                           "Friends" Sign -

I started by selecting my base material, in this case, a recycled solid core door. Next I removed all existing hardware from the door and selected the best looking, unscratched section of the door, measured out 15 inches by 3 feet, marked it, then cut it out with a circular saw. I then centered a series of snap together router templates that read "FAMILY" on the sign base and taped them down.

                                        Router                                    Router templates

After setting the templates, I used a router to very carefully cut out the letters. After finishing with the router, I removed the templates to reveal the newly cut letters. Next I selected some recycled fencing material for the "frame" of my sign. These were cut to size with a chop saw, glued with wood glue, then secured with nails from an air powered nail gun. Almost done... all I needed now was something to hang it by!

                                                   Added Hanging Chain

I found some chains from an old hanging planter and ta-da... an easy and Christmas gift for anyone who loves that "rustic look"!

Hope you like it!

Note: Routers, Circular saws, Chop saws, Nail guns and any power tools are VERY DANGEROUS and should be used with extreme care! Please don't play around with these things. They're tools, NOT TOYS!