Monday, November 7, 2011

Another Cool Website:

Anyone who likes outdoor stuff... this is for you! is a neat website that sells outdoor products at major sale prices. It works like this... They put up an item for sale (most of the time 50% off or more) and it has a time limit (mostly 20 minutes) and an item limit. You can buy the item as long as there's time left or it's not sold out. Now... the cool thing is... once that sale is over, they instantly put up a new one! They commonly sell things like...

- Running shoes 
- Hiking Shoes/Boots
- Sunglasses
- Outdoor Shirts and Pants
- Some very nice Jackets
- Ski/Snowboarding Gear (not much good for us Alabama residents)
- Outdoor Gear (Tents, Lanterns, Flashlights, Knives, etc.)

...just to name a few. 

All the items they sell are of high quality and most of them have great reviews. I'd invite you to check it out, especially with Christmas around the corner. You just may find the perfect gift at a great price!

Hope you like it,

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